P-38 Can Opener
   It was devloped in just 30 days in the summer of 1942 by the Subsistence Research Laboratory in Chicago.one was placed inside each small C-ration box until the MRE (Meals,Ready to Eat) replaced the C-ration in the early 80's. Many regard the P-38 can opener as the Army's best invention, they don't rust, break, or need resharpening or polishing. The tool acquired it's name from the 38 punctures required to open a C-ration can.

We offer some visual examples of  P-38s from Korea to the early 80's

Korea era "county machine" made in Bronx N.Y. in the 50's

U.S. P-38 age unknown

Vietnam era "mallin"

U.S. "speaker" 80's production
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German version of the P-38
current production

Swedish version of the P-38
slightly larger size
current production