non-US World War II Dog Tags

British WWII , handstamped with
name and sevice number

A very rare Polish tag, handstamped
Used by the Polish in the west

A Japanese id tag
engraved by hand

German "Erkennungsmarken" dog tags

As the German forces mobilized in 1939, all German servicemen were issued "erkennungsmaken". Most were 50x70mm oval metal discs with three holes and a perforated slot though the longer axis. Metals most commonly used were aluminum and zinc although zinc alloys and iron were also used.

Ordnance personnel that stamped the infomation on each tag (repeated twice-once on each side of the tag perforation) took great artistic liberty with army regulation, so a variety of stamping styles can be found.

Tags were strung with cord through the two hole end (chains were used by aircraft and tank crews) though many soldiers enclosed the tags in a small leather pouch .

Navy "erkennunggsmarmen" (as seen above) were the same shape but generally smaller 32x50mm and gold in color.

All Prisoners of War (POW) were provided numbered POW tags
when they entered the POW system most all were made of zinc

The most widely used STALAG (prison) tag
2nd style STALAG tag

A vary rare triangle STALAG tag

A Russian "Dog Tag"  recovered in Torun' Poland
at the site of a WWII prison camp

A unknown tag recovered from Torun' Poland
POW camp.