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Each set of GENUINE G.I. rolled edge dogtags contain two embossed (not the cheap engraving you see at the mall) 2"X 1-1/8" tags and two stainless steel ball chains, one 24" neck chain and one 4" toe chain. We will emboss anythind you want up to 5 lines with 15 characters per line.  They can be printed with emergency information, allergy information, put one on the dog the other on his chain, Military information is Last Name, First Name/Middle Initial, Social Security Number, Blood Type, and Religion. $7.00 with 1.50 shipping and handling per set.
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Also available are our "Speaker" P-38 can openers $1.00 each
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to   BIBA , 525 E. Grove St. Muscoda, WI  53573-9269