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You have probably seen them most notably on the television show M.A.S.H., or in movies such as Apocalypse Now, The Deer Hunter, Forrest Gump, Full Metal Jacket, G.I. Jane, Hamburger Hill, The Longest Day, Patton, Pearl Harbor, Kelly's Heroes, Top Gun, The Dirty Dozen, Sands of Iwo Jima, Battle of the Bulge, From Here To Eternity, The Big Red One, Battleground, BAT-21, Bridges At Toko-Ri,Windtalker, Band Of Brothers, and The Boys in Company C .

They have been worn by our Grandfathers, Fathers and Brothers for over fifty years, Standard military dog tags contain all the information to identify a soldier and provide emergency information ( military tag information is Last Name on the 1st line, First Name/Middle Initial on the 2nd line, Social Security Number on the 3rd, Bloodtype on the 4th, and Religion on the 5th.

Each stainless steel rolled edge tag set contains two embossed (not the cheap engraving you see at the mall) 2"x1" 1/8 tags and two chains, one 24" neck chain and one 4" toe chain.We will emboss anything you want up to five lines with fifteen characters per line. All can be worn without worry in the swiming pool or shower. Made to survive fires, floods, earthquakes, plane crashes or any natural disaster.  

Great  for students and their bags, Grandparents and their medical information, Teenagers and their allergy information, put one on your breifcase, Frequent Flyers, or anyone who spends alot of time on the road, Put one on the dog the other on their chain. Young people love them because they're real Army.

Order your rolled edged set with two tags and two chains ( one 24" long and one 4" long) 5 lines with 15 spaces per line on our Order Form